I feel like most people look at divorce as a terminal illness. Once the “D” word has rolled across your marriage, has reared it’s ugly head, it’s over. You’re over. Your marriage is over. And if you don’t admit it, move on and “get over it”, you’re not being realistic. You’re being delusional.

This is just me, processing this idea…

Just because the doctor says it’s over, doesn’t mean it’s over. I was just watching a testimony of a pastor who was diagnosed with ALS, he was given 2-3 years to live. At the time of his testimony he had been living 10 years past his diagnosis. He had decided to live, not to just struggle until his predicted death.

What if we did this with our marriages? Even after a fatal diagnosis of divorce, we, even if it’s just one of the spouses, continued to fight. Continued to believe that it just wasn’t over. It isn’t over till it’s over! Nothing is final, until God says it’s final…not even when the government stamps “Divorce” on official looking paperwork. Who cares?! The government doesn’t determine our marriage success or failure, God does! Just because the government says it’s over, doesn’t mean it really is! It doesn’t mean there’s no hope!

God is the be all end all. He, and only he, can say when something is final. It doesn’t matter what the doctor predicts, it doesn’t matter what the stats are, it doesn’t matter what the government says, it doesn’t matter how hopeless it seems…God’s power and authority overrides all of that. Your marriage might seem terminal, your situation might seem unsalvageable…but that’s exactly when God starts to show his miraculous ways. God wants us to be in vulnerable positions so that we lean more heavily on him. It’s when we are weak that he is strong. It’s when things seem impossible that he shows us how powerful he really is. God doesn’t just want us to live normal mundane lives, he wants us to live powerful lives as passionate conquerors for him. He brings us to a point of weakness in order to move with his power through us. We can only do so much on our own…but when he works…baby, step back. It’s when HE works that crazy stuff happens. It’s when HE works that people are blown away! He didn’t create us to be ho-hum. He created us to be driven. How can we be driven if we’re relying on our own abilities?? Humans are great, but we can’t even compare to God himself.

So lets allow God some space to work! Allow ourselves to be weak and vulnerable in order to see his power!

God is GOD! And if he’s telling me to continue to fight for the life of my marriage, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Regardless of how people around me have diagnosed my marriage, God’s word is the be all end all and I’m willing to sacrifice a bit of time in this life in order to see his hand move mountains.

If you’re not with him, you’re against him and I’ve been on that side of the mountain…it’s an uphill struggle that I’m just not willing to go through anymore. Call me crazy, call me strange…whatever. This life is temporary and I’m more concerned about my eternity!