Why is it that being with someone is so important to us? When we’re not in a relationship, we’re automatically looking for one or thinking that we should be. It’s as though being with someone makes our lives complete and meaningful. As soon as a relationship goes south we think we need to get out of it right away and look for someone more deserving. We feel entitled to have someone in our lives that makes us feel good. When our spouse or partner doesn’t act appropriately our minds quickly go through the “push through it” stage to thinking about divorce, moving on or thinking that we deserve better.

What would happen if we devoted our lives to God instead of wondering what other human could compliment us? Even if we are married, what would happen if we dedicated our actions and emotions to God working on satisfying him and living for his glory, instead of being concerned about how our spouse is acting or making us feel?

Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.

Matthew 10:39

My mind is on those marriages suffering. Those marriages where the spouses aren’t together, like mine, where moving on seems so much easier. What would happen if we forgot about finding or even accepting another human to make us happy, and instead for a set amount of time, we gave our lives up. What would happen if we gave our lives to God, regardless of marital status. If what the bible says is true, then we can give up our lives for God’s sake and we will actually find our purpose.

I ran away from my husband, marriage and God and I pursued everything that I thought would give my life purpose and satisfaction. And God allowed me to receive these things. I had the best paying job I had ever had, I was dating the exact man off of my “Want” list, I was living in the cutest condo and had a fun and vibrant social life. I had exactly what I thought I wanted. But when I “found my life”, I actually lost it. It’s not until I surrendered it completely to God that I actual found what I was looking for. I now have none of these things and I am the most purpose-filled I have ever been. I actually had no idea I could feel this content with my life!

But I’m not content because I have anything to my name. I actually have nothing. I am the worlds definition of a modern nomad, really. But I have God. Doesn’t that sound fake? It really does! Because the world has put such a standard on contentment and we have all fallen for it! Is it the world…or is it satan who has done this? Having God, in our minds, can’t possibly be enough to complete us!

But when we give up our lives, we will find them.

What would happen if, instead of trying to move on from that spouse, or find someone who is more of a fit, or who acts like we think we deserve, we spent those emotions on bowing to God. Spending time with our savior, reading about him, getting to know him, putting our faith into action, going to bible study, bringing food to the people in need….what would happen if we committed to giving God one year of our lives, uninterrupted by relationship expectations or pursuits of any kind.

When you look back on your life, what is one year?? It’s nothing! A year flies by so fast you’re surprised when the end of it comes. Sure, lots of things can happen in a year, but out of your entire life, one year is a tiny fraction. And if one year is what it takes to become closer and more passionate about the God you will face for eternity, isn’t it worth it?

Food for thought…


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