As I was writing the last entry, the one about prayer and realizing its power, as I was reading through my words…the bank called. It’s the second time they’ve called and honestly, I was avoiding returning the call as they had asked. The cell phone company called a couple days ago too.

“Ms. Smith, you owe ___ when will you be making this payment?”

Well, that amount is the total of my paycheque, so that’ll be in the bank on Monday.

“Monday? Great, we’ll take the payment out on Monday.”

When you pray, remind yourself that you aren’t just saying words into the air.

And the phone company? Well, who knows where that payment is coming from. And groceries? Thank God my mom dropped some off the other day and a friend was praying for someone to bless financially and she gave me some money.

I am doing what I can to pay my bills. I am now working two jobs and I am praying. Praying my guts out that God will provide as his word says he will. Talk about walking the talk.

One thing I had been praying for was a puppy. For people who know me, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. I love dogs. I’ve always wanted to breed dogs and they have always been a part of my life. Before I moved back to my hometown, I had put a down-payment on a puppy in order to raise him while I lived at my parents farm. The rest of the funds didn’t come through, for multiple reasons, and I decided that instead of putting the payment for the puppy onto the rest of my debt, I would give it up. It was hard, so hard to do, but I knew the timing wasn’t meant to be. It felt pressured and rushed. This is how I do things, I’m realizing; I rush forward and then realize I needed to think about things more and I end up having to back out, realizing I’ve learned a lesson and usually paid a cost.

So prayers for finances.

Prayers for a puppy.

Prayers for restored marriage.

Prayers for friends marriages.

Prayers prayers prayers.

The night the phone company called, the night that I was re-reading my post about how powerful prayer is, I received an email. “Katie, I would like to give you a puppy”. Tears. Prayers of thanks. Knowing I can’t afford to take the puppy is a nil point. This clearly was God, showing me that regardless of my doubts, my prayers are being heard. And not just the prayers for my needs, but my hearts desires. God was showing me that he wants to give me my wants. The things that not only pay the bills and are a necessity, but the things that make my happy.

Earlier, the phone company had informed me I had $76 owing on my phone, and I made exactly that in tips that day…which hasn’t happened in months.

God knows how to answer your prayers. He knows exactly what you want and what you need. You are his child, a being that he has created and knows intimately and loves beyond human comprehension. He wants to spoil you!

Your prayers are being heard and if God is providing your wants, how much more is he working to provide your needs?

We just need to trust that God is working even when we can’t see him. We all have mountains in our lives, issues that stand in the way of us being where we should be. And if we pray that those mountains will be leveled, it will happen! Maybe not the way we expect, but they will be removed in God’s perfect way. We need to trust that even though we can’t see the destruction of those mountains right away, it doesn’t mean that God isn’t chipping away at them!

Regardless of what our eyes tell us, God is working, our prayers are being answered, and we need to ignore what we ‘see’ and trust in God’s promises and his word.


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