A friend and I have committed to praying for a different couple for a solid week. Each weekend we text each other and decide who we will pray for that week and during the week we have reminders on our phones or in our bibles that remind us to commit a few moments talking to God for that specific couple. Whenever they come to mind, we pray for them, whenever we sit down for our prayer time, we pray for them. We make that couple a priority in our time with God.

It’s funny, even though I’ve been through all of this amazing stuff in my life in the last year, even though I’ve heard God and seen him work so clearly, even though I know that my repentance and passion towards Christ again is because of prayer, I still had a surfacey view of our prayer time for these couples. It was nice, a neat thing that we could give them, but I didn’t really consider that it would have a big impact. That sounds ridiculous when I look at what prayer has done in my life! It sounds pitiful actually.

So when my friend called the first week and said “You’ll never guess what just happened…” and told me about the couple that we were praying for and an event that had happened in their lives during the first couple days of us praying, I was blown away. And when it happened a second time while we were praying for another couple, I was amazed. And when it happened again for another couple…wow! And when another friend told me about someone else I was praying for and the way God is working in their life…God you are HUGE!

Before you pray, do you remind yourself that God is listening? Do you remind yourself that God is actually waiting for you to talk to him and when you do, he leans down, hears the very sound of your voice, and pays attention to your words?

The eyes of the Lord are to the righteous and his ears are open to their cry.

Psalm 34:15

I have seen the power of prayer, the power of my God, in the last year like I have never, ever, seen it before. In an unexpected instant, I was grabbed by God, convicted of my lifestyle and decisions, and my heart was suddenly passionate for Christ. It was a crazy moment, it was powerful, and it can’t be explained with recognizing the grace and mercy and power of our God. I know what prayer can do! I have had so many prayers since that day answered right before my eyes. Prayers I didn’t think were possible to answer, that I doubted that God would listen to. But there they are, answered! And still, even though I have seen God work, when I say a prayer I have to remind myself that God is actually listening and he will actually answer my prayers if and when he sees fit.

When you pray, remind yourself that you aren’t just saying words into the air. That you aren’t just talking to God in order to comfort yourself. You are praying to him because he created every little thing in your life. You are praying to him because he controls everything. You are praying to him because nothing happens without his consent. And you are praying to him because he can’t wait to speak to his child and hear his child’s voice. You are praying to him because he listens and he will answer your prayers!

I have been asking God for a sign that he is hearing my prayers for my husband. I haven’t seen a sign yet that shows me that he is working in my hubby’s life, but I have seen several signs that he is answering other prayers. I know that God is telling me through these other signs that he is listening, that his timing is perfect and that is he working even when I can’t see it.

My encouragement for you is to allow God space to work. Realize that your prayers are powerful, so much more powerful than anything you could do yourself.

Before you spend time praying next time, take a few minutes to picture the powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing God you are in front of. Remind yourself that you aren’t just speaking words into the air, but that God, the Creator or the heavens and the earth and every single thing in them, is listening to your requests. And remind yourself that he is listening.


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