Being a Christian means that we are followers of Christ. Which means that he is leading us. When you look back on your Christian life, would you say you have allowed God to lead you?

I know that I haven’t. I accepted Jesus into my life when I was five. I’ve been raised in a Christian home with parents who read the bible to us daily and brought us to church weekly. I’ve attended Christian high schools and a Christian university. I married a Christian man and even when I was running away from my marriage, I called myself a Christian. But I have never once allowed God to lead my life. I’m not even sure I knew how to do this before, and I’m definitely not a pro at it now.

How do we allow God to lead us? First, we need to know who it is that we are following. We need to study his character, study his text book, and really dedicate ourselves to his teachings like any other student. We need to realize that we are just that, students of God. We don’t have to pay anything for this training, it’s all right at our fingertips and even better than that…it’s what we were created to strive after! It is more fulfilling than any post secondary education…by a long shot!

I know that changing my view of my relationship with God to one of a student has made all the difference. I need to study him. And when I do, my heart feels full. It takes dedication and application. It takes time daily and discussion with other ‘students’. It takes communication with the Teacher.

We also need to realize that by following God, we will be different. There’s a piece of us that will fight this. A piece that reminds us that we won’t fit in, that it’s “un-cool” and that piece, the piece that satan loves to whisper in, will also tells us that we don’t have time.

We will be different and that is totally ok. When we keep our eyes focused on our God, the God that will judge us in the end, the God that has given everything for us to be his children, other opinions don’t matter. They’re just a tiny blip on the radar. God, however, feeds our soul and makes us feel complete. His opinion matters and our heart can feel it. Our heart aches for his voice, his presence and his teaching. His voice is the only one we should be listening to.

Being different isn’t a bad thing. It’s our boring society that has told us that it’s bad. For some reason society has told us that we need to be like all the others, we need to fit in, we can’t draw too much attention. But being a child of God will make us noticed. Even when we don’t say anything at all, pursuing our relationship with God will light a fire inside of us that others notice.

Once when I worked as a grocery teller, a girl came through my till. I knew the instant I saw her that she was a Christian and this was before she had even said anything to me. Later that week I attended a College and Career event from a church I was starting to attend and she was there. People can sense God in you without you saying anything at all. Why? Because their spirit is craving what you have. They know deep down that what you have with God is what they want. They know that what you have with God will make them feel like they’re finally home.

If your relationship with God isn’t making a change in you, if it isn’t making you different than your secular friends, there is something wrong.

We are meant to be like Jesus. Jesus wasn’t liked, he was threatened, he was challenged, he was despised. Even some of his followers denied knowing him and outright betrayed him. There will be and should be some of this in your life. We shouldn’t be creating drama in our lives, but we should be aware that if it happens, even if our hearts are in the right place and we are treating those around us with love (as per the definition in 1 Corinthians 13) there will be people that don’t like us just because of the faith we are living in.

If we are living as Jesus lived and we are allowing God to lead us in everything, we should be seeing drastic changes in ourselves and our lives. This isn’t going to please people around us and it will cause discussion…if not betrayal. Some friends might walk away from you, some might talk behind your back, some might respect you more and some might lean into God more because of the change they see in you.

What would you rather: A mediocre life without bumps, always wondering what the point of it is and wondering if there is something more? Or a life with some bumps, knowing that the creator of the universe has it all in his hands and knowing you’ve never felt more alive?

All you have to do is surrender to him, allow him to lead, and remind yourself often that he sees the entire picture of your life and knows exactly what he is doing.






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