Be glad of your imperfections! God works with the impossible, he works with the broken, and it’s from your sin that he will rescue you and show his amazing power.

There is a reason we don’t have everything figured out, it’s because God does. And when we admit that we need his help and need him to work in our lives, we see what he is capable of.

I love my husband, I love his soft heart and quiet voice, I love his thoughtfulness and his generosity, I love how dedicated he is, I love how intelligent he is and how he took care of me, I love his adorable laugh and his hardworking hands…and I wish so badly that I had never hurt this amazing man. But I am human, and even though I wish I could go back in time and change my choices, I know that God has turned what satan meant as a curse into a blessing. I know now more of my God’s power than I have ever known or ever thought was even possible and I am so glad that through my terrible circumstances, God showed himself and saved me from the pit I was in to bring himself glory. If God can rescue me and turn my life around as quickly as he did, he can rescue anyone! The transformation my God did in my life was proof to me that he exists and that is invaluable.

My life was a mess. I was out drinking almost every weekend, taking men home for one night stands or calling ‘friends’ when there wasn’t a random around. When I dated someone, I quickly entered into a physical relationship, but was still unsatisfied. Swearing became part of my regular vocabulary and I was proud of it. I was becoming rough, harsh and edgy. I was looking into taking pole dancing lessons, for Pete’s sake – who knows where that would have led! I was proud of who I was becoming!

If God hadn’t grabbed me back when he did, I know that I would have returned to my life, my new city, and I wouldn’t have turned back. I am positive, knowing the track I was on, the life I was chasing after and the man I was making a life with, I would have slipped into a deeper, darker life. I know my God is strong, but I wonder, looking at the timing of his rescue, if returning to that life would have killed me; the good Katie, the godly Katie. I wonder if his rescue was my last chance and I wonder how far I would have gone if I hadn’t listened to the quiet, subtle prodding he was whispering in my ear.

If I hadn’t started tearing up when my friend asked me “If your husband wanted to try things again, would you?” or if I hadn’t been oblivious to the emotional greeting that awaited me when I popped in to see an old friend. If those two things hadn’t happened, if my friend hadn’t asked me that question, or if I had realized how emotional seeing my old friend would be and didn’t go…where would I have ended up?

But God works with imperfections, the sinner and the broken, and he works in “suddenly’s”. He works in mercy and grace and it’s because of these two things that we can see how his voice is gentle and his actions are huge!

When Elijah was waiting on God to speak to him in that cave (1 Kings 10:11-13), it wasn’t in the great winds that passed by, it wasn’t in the earthquake, it wasn’t in the fire storm…it was in the soft whisper. When we look back at our lives, God has spoken in so many soft whispers and placed so many things together, that when the climax of the story finally happens, we realize he was talking to us all along. He was leading us in his direction all along. These small whispers we have come to call ‘coincidences’. But there are no coincidences, no flukes in life. Every little action is planned out and orchestrated by God.

It’s because of my sins that my God has given me a story to share to glorify him and to help others see that it doesn’t matter what your sins are! It doesn’t matter what you have done, how far you have gone or who you have hurt. Our God forgives as though your sins were never committed. He forgives without condemnation. And if we hide our sins, if we hide our imperfections and how we are forgiven, we are hiding him.

It’s by being honest and normal, by admitting that we messed up, that people can relate to us and see that God already knows our sins and is just waiting for us to ask for forgiveness. Nothing that we do shocks God, he knew before I had even left my husband that I would and he knew exactly what sins I would commit and when. He knew that I would disgrace his name. God isn’t surprised when we sin, he’s ready to welcome us back and prove to us that his son really did cover all of our mistakes.

I am so grateful that my mistakes have shown me just how much God loves me! And I am blown away by how my sins have shown me how powerful God is.

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the lord…

Acts 3:19</p>


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