There is an epidemic that is not being treated. It’s not even being acknowledged. It is the epidemic of divorce.

Does this sound dramatic? Off the wall? Unreasonable? Look around you. How many people do you know are either going through a divorce in the last year or have direct family going through a divorce?

I would ask the question “Why aren’t we as Christians doing anything about it?” but I honestly think that the majority of us don’t know what to do. We have slipped into the worldly view that divorce is just something that happens and even, very easily, have the opinion that maybe its better that way sometimes.

I believe that there are reasons that God gave us the 10 Commandments. They’re not just rules to follow because God is God and he said so. They’re guidelines for a better life. God doesn’t want us to break these rules because if we do, there are physical consequences.

When God says “I hate divorce” (Malachi 2:16) he’s not just having a temper tantrum or deciding he hates it because he can hate whatever he wants. There is a reason God hates divorce! It is never better that someone divorce their spouse because God is not in approval of that action, and where God is not in approval, there is trouble. God knows best, but I think that many times we nullify his opinion and voice because we forget that he sees the whole picture. And, more importantly, we forget how powerful he is.

When my hubby and I were first married we were so lucky to have three other couples that we were very close with. Three of those couples had been married the same year we were. We would have game nights together, the boys had bible study together, we all helped each other with moving or renovations when we could (which became a lot!). We had an amazing and, looking back, a rare relationship with these couples. Now, three out of the four couples are divorced.

After one of these couples divorced and another moved out of town, my husband and I became especially close with the third couple. The husband of this couple made the choice at one point, to leave his marriage and pursue his own life. During the next few weeks we were very involved with his wife, my best friend, and helping her cope with the situation as best we could. After one night of hearing her heart wrenching story and seeing our friends hurt, I wrapped my arms around my husband and told him “I promise, I will never ever put you through what they are going through”. It was only weeks later that I was packing my belongings and leaving.

You can’t tell me that this is just coincidence. You can’t tell me that this wasn’t spiritual. You can’t tell me that this wasn’t a scheme of satan.

During the next two years, my beautiful friend started to stand firmly in her faith and the promises of God for her marriage. And, through an irritating (at the time) text every now and then, she would remind me that she was also praying for me and believing in my return to my marriage.

As hurt as she was by her husband, she was defending me in front of God even though I hurt my husband in a very similar way.

You can’t tell me that it isn’t a miracle that it is just a coincidence that I am where I am now, having God’s clear and loud instruction to stand for my marriage as well. You can’t tell me that this isn’t spiritual. You can’t tell me that this isn’t a plan of God.

Divorce is an epidemic! It is a disease that the church, as far as I have seen, is, in majority, ignoring. If they’re not ignoring it, they’re denying it’s importance and that it needs to be addressed.

If our marriages reflect our relationship with God, but yet divorce is just as prevalent in the Christian community as it is in the secular community (IF NOT MORE!), this. is. sickening.

We need to be offering classes, courses, speakers, counseling, sermons, mentoring relationships…whatever it takes to stop this disease from spreading any further. Satan is winning and we are just allowing him to take our land.

We need to start doing something about this issue and we need to start with our own marriages and holding our friends accountable to theirs. There is a reason we have people at our weddings. They’re not there to just watch, they’re actually there to witness the vows the man and woman make before God. And if they’re witnessing the vows, aren’t they also meant to hold the couple accountable for those vows?

Here are some questions for you to think about:

How are you building a defense around your marriage?

What can you change in your life in order to remove temptation?

How can you strengthen your relationship with your spouse?

Are you devoting time each day to pray for your spouse and your marriage? If not, where can you make room for this?

Is there something about a friend’s marriage relationship that you think needs to be addressed, and how can you talk to them about it in a loving and humble way?


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