“…everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.”

Isaiah 43:7

I know that my purpose in life is to glorify God. It’s not just because of what I have gone through that I know this or the “knowing” in my head that is God’s voice. It’s the feeling I get when I do his will, when I know that I am following his instructions.

You know that feeling you get when you do something right? When someone notices how well you preformed a job and praises you for it. That split second, before any other thought crosses your mind, you feel elated. You feel successful. You feel complete. That is what bringing glory to God makes me feel like. I feel like I am complete when I am walking in his will.

I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

God says in Isaiah that we are created for his glory. That means that your mission in life, your sole (soul) purpose, is to glorify him. If you are feeling like you are searching for something, like you’re still not sure what you want to be when you grow up, if you are feeling unsatisfied and discontent, I guarantee you that by pursuing the glorification of God will make you feel at rest.

Our bodies do not belong here on earth. We are not from here, this is not our final destination. So why do we think that chasing after earthly satisfaction will actually satisfy us?

Your marriage will only be satisfying when God is at the centre.

Your job will only be satisfying when God is at the centre.

Your friendships will only be satisfying when God is at the centre.

And in this case too, it does take two to tango but it’s not between the other person and you. This is between God and you. You can’t do it without him and you don’t need to depend on the other person’s involvement with God. It’s you. And God.

If you, you alone, are making God the centre of whatever you are doing in your marriage, your job and your friendships, you will feel whole.

If you woke up every morning and asked God to show you a way you could glorify him during your day, I believe he would show you. Not only would he show you, but if you took the challenge and did the task he asked you to do (sometimes it won’t be easy) you would feel it. IT. The feeling that that is what you were made to do. The feeling that takes your breath away a bit. Where you sit back and realize that life is so much bigger than just going to work every day or just going through the usual daily tasks. Where you realize that we have a heavenly task put in front of us: To glorify him.

To glorify God means to reflect him in our lives. It means to honor him. To obey him. To love him and show his character to others.

Whether this means spending time with a friend in need, baking cookies for a neighbor, praying for your husband, emailing a friend to tell them you love them, volunteering, asking your spouse how you can help them, going on a missions trip, teaching a bible-study…whatever it is that God puts on your heart to do…reflecting his character to those around us will glorify him. And glorifying him will lift that weight from our shoulders and allow us to breathe.

Glorifying God is the dream job we are all hoping we’ll find one day.

Guess what? Here it is! Your dream job is right in front of you, no training necessary, no money needed, no courses, no counselors trying to find the perfect job to fit you…Just a bible and a prayer life.

Go get em’ tiger.


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