I don’t want a ‘normal’ life. I am sick of having ‘good’, I want something GREAT! I want God to use me in a reckless and scandalous way. I don’t just want to date someone for fun, I want to marry someone for God! I don’t just want to live my life, I want to live it powerfully!

One of the biggest reasons I broke up with the man I was dating when God called me back to my marriage was because it was good. It wasn’t great. Breaking up with him for something completely unpredictable wasn’t easy. It was terrible actually. But I looked at my relationship with him and saw that it wasn’t great. It was just good. I knew that God was asking me to do something powerful. Something crazy. Something that would bring him glory. Something totally scandalous. And that’s what I wanted. I wanted God to be in control. I wanted God to use me to bring people to him, to change people around me, to show his power through me. I wanted to make a difference. And I knew that in the relationship I was in, this wouldn’t happen. Yes, I could have been happy with this guy, I could have moved in with him, married him, had babies with him and been happy and had a good life. But it would have just been good. Not because he wasn’t a great guy, but because God wasn’t moving in power with that relationship.

I look at the Bible, the stories of people doing crazy things for God. They traveled with nothing but the cloaks on their back and God provided food and lodging along the way. They survived shipwrecks. They talked to bushes that were on fire. They were thrown into furnaces and as fire surrounded them, they survived. They were made royalty and saved their people. They stood in front of giants, threw pebbles, and won a battle. They were ordinary people that God gave instructions to, they obeyed, and they changed the world and their stories continue to change the world.

God saw his people and used them in their surroundings. We look at their stories and think “Well, I’m just a small-town girl, I’m just a mom, I’m just a wife…” But all we have to do is be obedient in anything that God asks us to do. And when we take that step of obedience, no matter how much sense it makes, God will use us in powerful ways.

I don’t think that any of us want ordinary! We all want God to use us in amazing ways. We all want to see God in our lives. We want to experience answers to prayer and miracles. We want to see GOD!

If we’ve grown up going to church, we know Romans 12:1.

“Therefore I urge you brothers, in view of God’s mercy, offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship.”

In order for us to give God the glory in our lives, we need to surrender our bodies to him. We need to sacrifice ourselves, our wishes, our reputations, our lives, our steps, to his will. We need to daily offer ourselves up, and recognize the importance of letting him control our day. I really do believe that once we do this, we will see him work in our lives. When we surrender control of our plans for our life, God will start to show us what he wants to do in our lives. We will see prayers answered. We will see miracles happen!

If we want to see God work in powerful ways in our lives, it means stepping out of our comfort zones. It means that we have to allow ourselves to be challenged, we have to go deeper than we have been before. We need to be like Peter. When we hear God calling, we need to take that step off the boat and walk towards him. Even if we end up sinking, we just need to call on God for help. Just like Jesus did with Peter, he will immediately reach out his hand and help us through the storm (Matt. 14:31).

Sure, not many people can stand for their marriage like I am doing. But what I am doing it just what God has called me to do. He is using my circumstances to bring him glory. God can, and will, use your circumstances to bring him glory too. Next time you feel your conscience being pricked, even about something simple like paying for the person behind you in the drive-through or giving that $20 in your wallet in the offering at church, listen to it. The more you are willing to listen and act on God’s instruction, the more he will speak to you and instruct you.

I love having a life that is different! I love hearing God’s voice and acting on it, it’s actually a lot of fun. Yes, it’s a challenge, but when you realize that your GOD is speaking to you and using you…it’s an incredible feeling.

Nothing about the Bible and the people in it would fit into our definition of ‘normal’, and even though it’s a scary thought…that’s how I want my life to be. I don’t want to be ‘normal’. I want people to look at me and see God working, even if they don’t know that’s what they are seeing at first. I want to live my life with this feeling of fulfillment that only living fully for God can give you. There’s nothing more amazing than that!


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