Last night I drove home late from visiting friends. As I stepped out of the car, the dogs panting for a pet, the yard quiet and pitch black, I looked up at the stars. How can you describe the beauty of what God has made without sounding like you’re plastering on the poetic language?

Millions and millions of stars peered down at me. They were so bright and so obvious that even as I got out of the car, not aware of them at first, they grabbed my attention. They were so bright they actually made me look. I love those nights! The nights where you have a few minutes to just stop and realize the grandeur, the majesty and the complete glory of our God.

It’s so easy to use words. But when you see God right in front of you, the size of creation, the depth of the stars…isn’t it just crazy to think that that God, the God who spoke and set the stars in the sky, looks down on us with incomprehensible love? We don’t even know how much he loves us, our little human minds cannot even start to fathom what his type of love is like. Isn’t that nuts?

So often we put God into a box without even realizing it.

Did you know that God has a name for each of the stars (Psalm 147:4)? I can remember two star formations. The Big Dipper and the Little Dipper. Which really, do they even count as ‘remembering two’?? But God has a name for every one of the stars you see. The longer you look, the more depth you see to the sky. It’s actually impossible to count how many stars are even up there. And God knows each and every one of them. By name.

He created and named and remembers each star and yet he looks down on us, remembers each of our names, listens to our prayers and is working every second of every single day for our best interest.

The same God that lead Joseph to Pharaoh’s side to lead the country out of famine, the same God that spoke to Jonah and saved him from the whale, the same God that saved Daniel from hungry lions, the same God that continually gave Paul strength to spread the Word and withstand the persecution because of it, the same God that provided food for the Israelites while they wandered for 40 years, the same God that appeared in a burning bush to Moses, the same God that answered Elijah’s prayers for rain, the same God that spoke to Samuel in his dreams…that same God watches you and loves you and wants to hear your voice. When you stir in bed in the morning he smiles, and says “My beautiful girl, you’ve woken up, I can’t wait to show you something today.”

And the bible says that same God hasn’t, and will never, change.

If he won’t ever change…does that mean that he will save you from the impossible? Speak to you audibly? That he will provide food when you need it? Money when you’re broke? Appear to you in dreams?

Do you believe the bible is true? I do. Then that means that God never changes. That means that he will do all of these things. That means that when I pray I shouldn’t hold back. I need to pray for the impossible.

A few weeks ago I was driving into town. I barely had enough money to buy gas for my car, let alone pay bills. But God had given me instruction to move back to my home town and had put it on my heart to work at my waitressing job, so I had to (have to) trust that he knew what he was doing. I asked God for money, I needed to at least pay my bills.

I walked into work only minutes later and my boss called me down to the office…and handed me an envelope of cash. A tip-out I wasn’t expecting.

The next day a friend pulled me aside at a get-together to whisper that she had felt like God was asking her to give me some money.

That afternoon the mail came in and I had an unexpected cheque from my previous job.

A $500 gift certificate that I had won for a designer dress was also in the mail.

And a free blush…that I had just run out of.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us…

Ephesians 3:20

The God that created the stars, the skies with so much depth that we can barely comprehend it…sees us living on this little planet. Watches our every single step with total adoration. And can’t wait until we call on him and have a conversation.

When I look at the depths of the sky, I feel tiny. I feel insignificant. But can’t that be a good thing? If that’s how small I am, how tiny my life is to God, then how big does that make his power? How capable does that make him do answer my small prayers?

I ask for money to pay my bills and he says “Girl, is that all??”

I ask for him to restore my marriage and he says “Watch me work.”


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