Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

James 5:16

When God first tugged at my heart and lead me suddenly but gently back to him, I felt like a crazy person.

I had broken up with the best man I had met in two years because of God’s voice, and I had left him for a husband who, as far as I could see, didn’t want me back and wasn’t going to ever give me that chance. I had broken up with him for an illusion.

I loved the man I was dating. I got butterflies whenever I saw him, I couldn’t wait to leave work to see him and I loved my dates and evenings with him. We were talking about moving in together, where we would live and how we would eventually raise our kids. We both felt like we were meant to be together, like we had waited for a very long time to find the person we saw in each other. He was tall, tattooed, tough and funny. He was a bad-boy and a big teddy bear.

But God had put something so strongly on my heart that I couldn’t deny it and I knew that I needed to break up with this man to see where God was leading me. I knew that if I didn’t try this path out, I would regret it.

As much as I loved this man, as much as I was happy with him, there was something missing. There was a small voice in my head telling me that he was still not what I was searching for. Something was still not quite right but I couldn’t put a finger on it. Looks wise, he was exactly what I wanted. He treated me perfectly, we were happy together…what could be wrong?

I had started dating this man a year and nine months after I left my hubby. That’s quite a while. A long enough time to “get over” a marriage, I thought. A long enough time to know what I was looking for. A long enough time to NOT call another man my husbands name. Wrong. I couldn’t even say this mans name for the first month without first repeating it in my head several times so it wouldn’t come out my husbands name instead. Seriously?! After two years this is still happening?!

I loved this man, I couldn’t get enough of him, but still, when we were laying in bed I was thinking about my husband.

I know this is the power of prayer.

I know what I know what I know. And I know that my heart wasn’t settled, my thoughts weren’t focused, because people had and were continuing to pray for me.

A couple weeks after Easter, the weekend when I surrendered my life to God again and chose to walk in obedience (finally), I was laying in bed. I was going over my decision and the hopelessness of it, the impossibility, and crying out to God. “God,” I prayed “Please show me you’re in this. Show me I’m not crazy and that this is something you’re leading. Please give me a dream of my hubby tonight and please give me a sign you’re working.”

That morning, just before I woke up, I dreamt of my husband. I dreamt I was standing on our front porch, ready to go somewhere, and I felt like I needed to see him again. I ran back to our bedroom where he was still sleeping and I woke him up, kissed and hugged him and told him I loved him. My husband kissed me back and told me he loved me too. I still cry when I think about this dream. In the two weeks that I had been living for God again and had started living as my husbands wife again, I hadn’t dreamt of him at all. This dream was special, it was so vivid and real and I just knew it was from God. It was a gift.

I woke up and thanked God (and prayed and cried). To see one of your prayers answered is one of the, if not THE, best feeling ever.

I rolled over and checked my emails before I got out of bed. A good friend had finally replied to an email and in her email she told me she was able to talk to my hubby and tell him she was still praying for our reconciliation.

Two requests. Two answered prayers. God is GOOD!

Prayer is powerful and effective! You may not see it working, you may not think it’s doing anything, but it is. It’s a lie you’re believing if you doubt that it is.

Never judge a book by it’s cover. Especially in your Christian walk. We usually apply this to people’s physical appearance, their clothes etc. But this also applies to how our prayers are working. You might see one thing on the outside, but I promise you there’s an entirely different world happening on the inside.

Easter weekend my mom looked at me and saw the same hardened heart she had seen for the past two years. She tells me now that she prayed that God would work in me because she still wasn’t seeing a change. But little did she know that very weekend was the weekend I gave my life to God again. Never judge a book by it’s cover!

I’ve had several comments from people since I came back to God about how they didn’t think that this change was possible. How they never saw it coming. How they thought my marriage had become another statistic.



God pursued me relentlessly because I am his daughter and he adores me. He listened to the prayers of countless people and he saved me from the path I was on.

Don’t ever give up praying for those you love.

If (and sometimes when) people had come to me and said “Katie, you need to change, you’re on the wrong track and you’re headed for trouble. You need to come back to God! Can’t you see your actions aren’t right??” I would have scoffed at them and told them to mind their own business. But if (and when!) people went to God with these same words “God, Katie needs to change, she’s on the wrong track and headed for trouble. Please help her return to you and allow her to see that her actions aren’t right” it would have an entirely different affect.

Don’t stop praying.

Don’t stop.

Please don’t stop!

When God puts something on your heart and you feel you need to pray for it. Girl, you pray for it, you don’t stop praying, and you pray some more. And on top of this, you believe and push through to belief that God answers your prayers and the prayer of a righteous man are powerful and effective! I know this is true. I know it for a fact.


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