Live intentionally. Easy to say, isn’t it?

After I blogged yesterday, the cow got out. The cow with horns, that is completely unpredictable, that seems like it will charge you at any moment. And I was the only one home. I had just listened to a Joyce Meyer video on starting your day right and making a decision to have a good day. Time to apply it!

The cow didn’t like the fresh grass I tried giving it.

It didn’t like to grain I tossed in front of it.

It didn’t like the rope I tried putting around it’s horns.

It didn’t like me calling it.

It didn’t like the rake I tried tapping on it’s butt.

It didn’t like me.

This could turn into a Dr. Seuss book.

I was determined to have a good day, think positive thoughts and spend some quality time with God…living intentionally. And this cow wasn’t in my plans. I took a break, poured a coffee, prayed that angels would suddenly lead her to the gate, and angrily watched her calmly munch on fresh green grass.

How do you start your day?

I used to wake up an hour before I had to be at work. I would rush through my shower and makeup, grab a quick breakfast and run out the door. My husband was lucky if he got a few sentences in and his unlucky moments included me telling him that I didn’t have time for a kiss.

We are told in the bible to clothe ourselves in the Armor of God, that God should be made the center of our lives, that we need to build a relationship with him…but we don’t actually do this. We nod our heads and quietly agree, but do we actually apply this? Why would we clothe ourselves in this armor in the middle of the day or at the end of it, when satan has already started his work to attack us? And why would we think that having a relationship with our GOD, the one that created us and had his son killed for us, would consist of praying the odd prayer and maybe going to church on Sunday…if we don’t need a sleep in.

If someone had told me a couple years ago to wake up early and spend time with God to start my day with prayer, reading the bible and listening to God, I would have thought they were super religious. Who does this anyways? Bible-thumpers, that’s who. But, weirdly enough, if (and when) it was suggested to me to do this for the network marketing company I was involved with, I did it without thinking. I knew that it would improve my business, my knowledge and my focus.

Living intentionally means to have a purpose and work towards it. My purpose is to glorify God in whatever I do. To search out ways I can please him in my every-day life, to build on my relationship with him and to lean on him in all things. I’ve come to realize that this needs to start in the morning, before my day starts to unfold. I need to wake up early, even if it means my alarm is going off at 5am. I need to intentionally spend time with God. I do love my sleep, I love my bed and my comfy pillow and my feather duvet. So this means that when I wake up early, I need to sit up, not just lay there, and talk with God. I start by asking God to be present in my time with him, to speak to me and to show me what to pray. I talk with him about people I care about, people on my mind, I pray verses that come to mind or ones that I have highlighted. I listen to part of a sermon or read a book I’m working through. And I ask God to show me something in his word as I flip through it or read through verses that have been put on my heart or in my path.

I intentionally dedicate an hour or two to God to start my day. I start my day off feeling refreshed and strong and God has blessed me continually with his voice.

If you are wondering why you are not hearing from God, try spending more time with him. God is like any other friend in your life, the more time you spend with them, the closer you are. The more effort you put into the relationship, the more you will see a return.

Don’t live your life rushing through circumstances because that is what life has put in front of you. Live it with intention, with strength, with ambition. Don’t just wake up when you wake up, wake up with a goal, wake up with purpose. Your body is just a body, don’t let it control who you are.

So as I drank my coffee and watched that cow on the lawn, it walked towards the gate. I walked over, unlatched it, and the cow walked through.


I swear.

And after I fixed the fence (go me!) I spent more time with God. I will not allow my situation or my circumstances determine how my day unfolds before me.


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  1. Such an encouraging blog entry ! Speaking right into my heart ! Love your honesty and humor! I have experienced things like the cow situation and I love it when you can ask God for help in EVERYTHING !!!Hoping that others will be challenged to live their lives intentionally .

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